Start of the fishing season

Its getting close to the start of the Ontario fishing season. Pickerel lake is still frozen over with a few other lakes starting to open up that have current running through them. We need a big rain to help the ice on its way. Airplanes are all ready to roll with fresh annuals on them.… Continue Reading

Early Season Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Early season smallmouth bass fishing at our Treelined lake!  We still have a couple of cancellations for Treelined lake available.  Dates are as follows: Tuesday May 29th to Saturday June 2nd or Monday June 11th to Saturday June 16th.  This lake has some awesome smallmouth bass in it.  There are lots of big northern pike… Continue Reading

2018 Sports Show Season

With the 2018 sports show season upon us, the calls are coming in, so if past guests are thinking about booking a trip you should do so soon as you have a date you want.  For those going to the sports shows, our “Canada Outfitters” brochures will be at a select few with the Ontario… Continue Reading