Pickerel Lake Outfitters – Ontario Fly-in Outpost Fishing, Ontario Bear Hunting and Ontario Deer Hunting with Pickerel Lake Outfitters in Northwest Ontario, Canada

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 Ontario Fly-in Outpost Fishing, Ontario Bear Hunting and Ontario Deer Hunting
with Pickerel Lake Outfitters in Northwest Ontario, Canada

Ontario fly-in outpost fishing, Ontario Bear Hunting, Ontario deer hunting with Pickerel Lake Outfitters in Northwest Ontario. Fishing guests fly from Crow Lake, north of Nestor Falls, into one of five of our fly-in fishing outposts.  Ontario Bear hunting or Ontario deer hunting trips are done from our main camp, north of Kenora, on Highway 596. .Ontario fly-in outpost fishing - Norse Lake cabin 

Our Ontario fly-in outpost fishing cabins are on secluded lakes that offer great views and excellent fishing.  If you’re looking for privacy, we have what you want to get away from it all.  Our Ontario fly-in outpost fishing cabins are only cabins on the lakes.  

Each Ontario fly-in fishing outpost has different species of fish to offer.

The fly-in outpost cabins are situated on the best vantage point on the lake to give you optimum views.  Each outpost lakes offers something different to fish for.

Norse Lake Outpost offers great Ontario walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing. Treelined Lake Outpost offers trophy smallmouth bass fishing and large northern pike fishingBrown Bear Lake Outpost has great smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike fishing with lake trout fishing in one of the portage lakes. Gordie Lake Outpost has heavy northern pike and walleye fishing and Unexpected Lake Outpost offers awesome walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and great muskie fishing which can’t be beat! 

Guests fly in to our outpost lake by chartered aircraft from the seaplane base north of Nestor Falls on Crow Lake.  The lakes are part of the English River system and flow north.  As a result, the water eventually winds up in Hudson’s Bay.

Ontario bear hunting and Ontario Deer hunting are some other options of trips you can take with Pickerel Lake Outfitters

We also have great  Ontario Black Bear HuntingOntario Whitetail Deer Hunting, Ducks, Geese or Grouse hunting from our main lodge on Pickerel Lake, which is located north of Kenora on Highway 596.  You can combine a grouse and Bear hunt at the later part of the season.  We have a limited number of tags for the Ontario bear hunt and they sell out fast.  

Our Bear and Deer Hunting lodge is located 20 minutes north of Lake of the Woods, on the eastern limit of the North American Central flyway, which makes for great Grouse and Waterfowl hunting. Dotted with lakes, rivers and marshes, this area is teeming with wildlife.  Visit our www.gobearhunt.com website for more information on the different types of hunts we offer. 

 Ammentities at our Ontario fly-in outpost fishing cabins

Our Northwest Ontario fly-in outpost cabins have amenities you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a fly-in fishing experience.  From the deluxe cabin that have hot & cold running water, hot shower, futon in living rooms of all cabins except Brown Bear and Unexpected cabins, wood stove, bright kitchens with propane stove and refrigerator, large screened in porches, fish cooker and propane barbeque.

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