July Fishing Report

Unexpected lake continues to produce some excellent walleye fishing.  Live bait always outfitters anything else.  A lot of our groups have taken frozen shiners in as backup to the live bait and they’ve worked really well.

Treelined lake, as always, has had some great bass catches this past month.  Silver crank baits as well as rattle baits in crayfish colours work well.  Also anything blue/ silver and some old time red/white spoons for the big pike.

Brown Bear has had some great walleye catches and bass have been very active too.  The portage lake, midway, has produced some 20″+ smallmouth bass.     Lake trout are all suspended in Beauty lake.

Gordie lake had guests with sore arms as they hauled in one fish after the other.  Some very nice sized pike in the 36″ and up range.

Norse lake seems to be consistent this year with the biggest pike coming rom little norse lake at 40″.  Walleyes have been out a little deeper in about 12 to 15 feet of water.

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