June 2012 Fishing Report

The rains started coming in late May and early June and it seems they haven’t stopped. The water levels in the English River system, where Unexpected lake is located, have risen about 4 feet since the beginning of the season and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Walleyes have been active by the waterfalls at far end of lake and also off the rocky points on the main lake. Fishing off the dock has also been pretty good. We had a group come out that caught a couple of 5 lb. smallmouth bass.

Norse lake’s fishing has been good. Walleye’s seem to be a little deeper than normal and live bait definitely is the way to go. Some have had good luck with the “Gulp” style minnows and/or leeches.

Treelined Lake has had some awesome northern pike caught and released. It has remained fairly consistent as far as the water levels go. Bass were catching like crazy on white flukes, jigs and twister tails. Watermelon colours have been working as well. Fish seemed to be scattered.

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